The experience of conception, pregnancy, childbirth and recovery are crucial for the woman, the family, and the entire society. It is a sacred initiation, the foundation of culture in which our ancestors' advanced civilisation, the Golden Age, is built. 

Individual spiritual, emotional and physical support before, during and after pregnancy empowers the woman, significantly increasing the possibility for a positive birth experience and the well-being of the family afterwards.

For millennia, in ancient traditions and indigenous people cultures, women have been carried as goddesses after birth. Practically, this means that after bringing a new life into being, it is the woman's sacred duty to rest, recover and be reborn with the newborn during the entire fourth trimester (also known as forty sacred days), receiving love and support that surrounds her and her family.

Our ideology is to revive the culture of 40 sacred days, so that the Golden Age woman, mother, and society can be born.

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