June 1, 2020, Children's Day.

In our homemade Birth Temple by the Emajõgi River, I brought our second son Hugo into the world. This time, I had done extensive research on the postpartum period, the fourth trimester - also known as #40sacreddays, to avoid experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety, and panic attacks like I did after the birth of our first child, daughter Linda. Looking back now, I realize that it has been a sacred initiation, where through bringing a new world into being, I was also reborn in an environment that did not support or hold such a sacred ritual as childbirth and becoming a mother, due to the forgetfulness of truth and true knowledge.

I had to seek this truth and revive this knowledge through my practical experience. So, I got to experience true nurturing in my  homemade Birth Temple with wise women, gentle hands, healing sounds and foods, nature and community, in a long rest which gifted me a vision as bright as the golden sun - women singing orgastically to gong sounds, giving birth in ecstasy. 

A few months after Hugo's birth, we moved to Elva. A year later, I started dreaming of our third child, who appeared in my dreams. I then found the courage to share my visions with people. I started to sense the presence of our third baby also in real life - it was magical, unbelievable and seemed crazy. One summer afternoon, I had a vision where I communicated with four souls who wanted to incarnate through the love of a woman and a man, and in this vision, I played the role of a "pregnancy medium." We, women have the gift of communicating with the unseen world, with incarnating souls, receiving bright future visions to pass on in our voice and life creation, to inspire and empower.

My third child was born orgastically, and my studies, knowledge, and experiences of the last seven years in pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, and post-pregnancy have led me to a firm understanding that a Birth Temples, Birth Homes, Birth Farms, holistic wellness centers and sanctuaries with appropriate education are not a luxury but a necessity in our current societal development as a whole.

May in every village, town, city and community, be an holistic and luxurious place where a woman can relax and open up to her body wisdom, feeling supported and safe in pregnancy,  birth and golden fourth trimester.


- Birgid Täht, Golden Age woman, mother of three, music artist, fine (life) arts teacher, and founder of Linnulaine