🦉 A creator of meaningful and significant creation

" True art takes note not merely of form but also of what lies behind. There is an art that kills and an art that gives life… True art must be evidence of happiness, contentment and purity of its authors."  - Mahatma Gandhi

We redefine societal values and principles, creating a brighter future vision and fine arts, products and services inspired by it. When discovering our talents, we learn to know ourselves and can create a more harmonious life.

🦉 Connected

Our community allows you to be inspired and to inspire others whilst finding partners to create events, beautiful art, and more.

🦉 A bearer of a shared vision

We maintain a heart-centered, pure and harmonising environment.

The fine arts, products, services, events, and other creations made by our community fund the establishment of  Birth Temples.

🦉 Part of creating valuable content

In our creative environment, you can post, participate in master classes, workshops, communicate privately and in groups, share your work and be supported in your dreams, share event information, create your private creative space on our platform and much more to support building a strong community.

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