Awaken your bright voice and boldly step onto the main stage of your life to sing and speak your own fairy tale in music!

🦅 The master class is intended for all conductors who want to:

💧 take your singer's journey to a new level
💧 discover yourself through fine arts
💧 strengthen the connection with your own inner wisdom
💧 step into authenticity through telling your story

🦉 In the challenge of your voice, you will learn:

🔥 Love your voice and free self-expression
🔥 Holistic approach to your voice as a creative tool
🔥 Conscious self-management
🔥 Grow self-confidence
🔥 Entrepreneurship flowing from body wisdom
🔥 Tell your story and create your own music

"Awaken Your Inner Singer" self-expression, singing and creativity master class is a self-development accelerator with the touch of conscious entrepreneurship.

A private virtual space awaits you in the Linnulaine creative environment, where you can discover your voice and express yourself in your completeness, connection and service.
We use breathing practices, vocal techniques, free singing and creativity techniques and a holistic approach to the voice as a creative tool.
You have the opportunity to complete the challenge as a marathon in 40 consecutive days or experience it as a hike in the mountains at your own pace.
Your time investment is 10-30 minutes per day.
 The room is open for you all year round.

🥚1-10 days: conscious self, master's base and habits, prayer, voice activation
🐣 11-20 days: root affirmations
🕊️ 21-30 days: creative power of words and chants
🦉 31-40 days: pure creativity in the music of the New Earth

⚖️ Participation fee

Adults 144€

Youth, teachers and pensioners 66€

"Opening your voice with Birgid is like an adventure into a fairytale - you never know what's waiting for you, and the result is often more than you expected. If you are ready for your voice to be known in the world, then workshops with Birgid are definitely a good choice. Come and find your voice!"

- Eliia Laats

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"Ärata oma sisemine laulja"
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Ärata oma sisemine laulja
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